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“Drosophilist” Josh Lands in Singh Lab


Josh Coleman joined the Singh lab in December 2018. Prior to coming to Oregon, Josh received his master’s degree from the University of Alabama in Huntsville where he studied larva behavioral evolution of Drosophila mojavensis in an ecological context (picture at left shows movement tracks of larva within circles).  More recently, he has focused on the underlying genetic basis for phenotypic evolution during host shifts.  Beyond the lab, Josh enjoys studying bioethics, hiking, and traveling.

Lab warming party!

The Singh lab became “officially” open for business with our lab warming party!Lab Warming Poster Draft3
Lab Warming Poster Draft2

Thanks to everyone who attended and made the party a success, we all had a great time!!

Ari Winbush Returns to Oregon as New Research Associate in the Singh Lab

Ari Winbush joined the Singh lab in July 2018 as a Research Associate. Ari received his Ph.D. previously from the University of Oregon where he studied neural plasticity during metamorphosis in Drosophila melanogaster. Since then, he has expanded his research to include Drosophila behavior, and more recently, circadian biology, behavior, and metabolism in C. elegans. Current interests include the genetic basis of behavior, metabolism, disease and other phenotypes. When not in the lab, Ari enjoys reading, exercise and the great outdoors.