For Trainees

Singh lab commitments and expectations for trainees

My commitment to you

  • I will facilitate your scientific progress and help you attain your career goals
  • I will provide intellectual guidance on research projects and help you develop your ideas in a way that fosters your creativity and independence
  • I will be accessible and have regular interactions with all lab members to stay informed about progress and problems
  • I will pursue funding for all research projects to the best of my ability
  • I will promote your professional development including invitations to co-author papers, opportunities for presentations, outreach, and networking
  • I will provide open and honest feedback on writing, presentations, and experiments
  • I will maintain a positive, equitable, inclusive, respectful, and supportive lab environment so each lab member can thrive
  • I will advocate for you
  • I will mentor you during your time in my lab and after you lead
  • I will lead by example, doing my best to illustrate the skills integral to being a successful scientist. These include communication (oral and written), grant writing, lab management, mentoring, and professionalism
  • I will support your attendance at professional meetings and will do my best to fund at least one major conference per year when you have new material to present
  • I will discuss authorship regarding papers with you

My expectations of you

  • You will be engaged in and in charge of your own education
  • You will read the primary literature and integrate it thoroughly into your research ideas, hypotheses, and experiments
  • You will ask for guidance when you need it
  • You will be self-informed about program requirements and deadlines
  • You will acquire data carefully, in a timely manner, and with integrity
  • You will be open and responsive to feedback from me and your other committee members
  • You will pursue funding opportunities for your research often and leave ample time for preparing grant applications to maximize your chances of success
  • You will maintain detailed, organized and accurate laboratory records
  • You will be a team player. You will help one another out with lab and field work, analyses, ideas, feedback, etc. You will always learn something useful by helping with another project
  • You will be a respectful, engaged, and professional member of our community (the lab, IE2, and the broader community)
  • You will be considerate in the lab. Clean up after yourself and keep distractions to a minimum so others can concentrate. Remind your undergrads to do the same, and let Annette know in advance when supplies are running low
  • You will communicate clearly, promptly, and often with me, particularly with regard to what you need to achieve our shared goals
  • You will do things to the best of your ability
  • You will develop your own vision for your future and work with us to turn that vision into a reality
  • You will be scientifically productive
    • Produce manuscripts
    • Attend conferences and present your work
    • Pursue funding opportunities for your research and leave ample time for preparing grant applications to maximize your chances of success
  • You will challenge yourself